Инструкцию yamaha dx 21

У нас вы можете скачать "Инструкцию yamaha dx 21" в JAR, PRC, TXT, LIT, TCR, EPUB, AZW3, МОВІ, RTF, isilo, CHM, DJVU, LRF, PDF, DOC, FB2, HTML! If инструкцию lift your hand off the DX21 keyboard between notes, there will be no portamento effect. Однако остальная часть, должна дать нам важную с точки зрения пользователя информацию. The row A and B selectors correspond to DX21 tone generator channels A and B. TRANSPOSE This function permits transposing the pitch of the entire DX21 keyboard up or down two octaves in semitone steps. Page 13 When OFF the PORTAMENTO footswitch will NOT function. Parameters If you wish that the edited data will remain in the memory, you have to store it using STORE function see CHAPTER V: Once the DUAL MODE DETUNE function is called, subsequent presses on the A2 button increment the data value. The number in the lower left display corner indicates the value of the DUAL MODE DETUNE see CHAPTER III: If you do press the YES button, the display will prompt you to select the group of 8 memory locations to which you will load the selected ROM voice group—A1 through A8, A9 through A16, B1 through B8, or B9 through B This performance memory can be programmed with a voice number or pair of voice numbers one Memory from each channelplay mode, split mode split key number or dual mode detune Organization The data range is from C1 to C5 C3 is middle C, C2 is one octave lower than middle C, C4 is yamaha octave yamaha than middle C, etc. Инструкцию она уже была даже! Для своего времени лет двадцать назад она была революционным инструментом.

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